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German Gold in Team dressage


Riders in all three disciplines have been competing at the FEI European Championships for Ponies sponsored by Equsana at Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus in Denmark today. Germany claimed gold in the dressage team competition

18-08-2016 20:47:00, by Tonya Bille Nielsen

The second part of the dressage team test sponsored by Julianelyst and presented by Skibby HC had 32 riders and ponies competing today to complete the team results for the 15 nations participating in the team competition which the audience watched with great excitement. Individually three riders placed themselves between the two leading riders from yesterday but nobody could beat the impressive result of German Lucie-Anouk Baumgürtel and her pony Massimiliano. A new German rider, Tabeo Schroer and her pony Danilo scored 74.538% to place second individually whilst third place went Danish Louise Christensen and Vegelins Goya with a result of 73.615%.

The strong German riders who placed 1st, 2nd, 5th and 9th individually made a clean sweep in the team competition claiming gold with a total of 222.666. On home turf the Danish team secured silver totaling 217.513 whilst the Dutch team landed bronze with a total score of 216.077.

The eventing riders had their first ride in the team competition sponsored by Nathalie Horsecare today where 25 riders and their ponies performed their dressage test. The team competition will finish tomorrow once the remaining 25 riders have ridden. After today’s test the Germans have put themselves in a very strong position as their first three riders have placed 1st, 2nd and 4th. Anna Lena Schaaf and Pearl have taken the lead with 41.40 penalties.

On the show jumping course 54 riders have completed the first qualification of the individual competition sponsored by Eurowind. Norway’s Sanne Sørlie put herself and her pony Oldrock Megan into the lead today after a clear round in 70.62 seconds. Italian Priscilla Pigozzi Garofalo came second with Poetic Justice and Irish Adam Carey and his pony Stakkati land third place. Nothing less than 27 rider and pony combinations cleared the course faultlessly.

See the results HERE

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Kyra Kyrklund clinic with DWB horses


The top rider and Swedish professor, legendary trainer Kyra Kyrklund gives a clinic on Saturday at Vilhelmsborg during the DWB EQUSANA Eliteskue, the yearly mare and foal show, a Danish highlight of the breeding year

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Added: 03. september 2013, 16:23
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Italy Takes Gold Medal in Show Jumping Team Test


Riders in all three disciplines have been competing at the FEI European Championships for Ponies sponsored by Equsana at Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus in Denmark today. Italy claimed gold in the show jumping Team competition

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Six New Gold Medal Mares


At the Danish Warmblood EQUSANA Eliteshow at Vilhelmsborg 45 newly graded mares were awarded breeder medals  – and the new champion mares were proclaimed

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Fivefold Gold Medal Awards


The Danish Warmblood EQUSANA Elite Show came to an end today and excelled with the exciting final of the 3- and 4-year-old mares and the appointment of the two champion mare titles

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Record high average price

Breeding & Sport

39 out of 53 auction foals changed ownership Saturday night at the Danish Warmblood Elite Foal Auction at Vilhelmsborg near Aarhus and produced a turnover of approx. 522,000 EUR

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Norwegian DWB-foals to Elite Mare show


The last weekend in August is traditionally a foal festival event at the equestrian centre JJ Horses in Norway. Two selected DWB-foals from the event are welcomed to the Elite Mare Show at Vilhelmsborg this weekend

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