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Sensational Sezuan-sisters


Two full sisters of triple world champion Sezuan made a clean sweep at the Danish Warmblood saddle grading this weekend on Funen

08-08-2016 15:29:00, by Thomas Bach Jensen

At the regional Danish Warmblood saddle gradings the very best mares can be selected for the Elite Show which takes place at the end of August at Vilhelmsborg. At the Danish Warmblood Elite Show the best newly graded mares from all over the country are awarded breeder's medals in bronze, silver or gold, and the champion mares - in each of the two disciplines dressage and show jumping - are appointed as champion mares of the year.

The Danish Warmblood saddle gradings take place in several regions, and yesterday the region of Funen had their saddle grading at the wonderful premises of Stutteri Ask. A couple of 3-year-old mares made an outstanding appearance - two full sisters to the triple world champion Sezuan by Zack x Don Schufro.

The full sisters of Sezuan, Straight Horse Ascenzione and Straight Horse Sezuanna, are both produced by embryo transfer and both born on the same day in 2013 and bred by Mogens Pedersen, Straight Horse, who owns the dam of Sezuan (and also the dam of Zonik - both broodmares formerly owned by Linette Jæger). Ascenzione and Sezuanna were already selected to participate at the Danish Warmblood Elite Show last year in the national finals for 2-year-old fillies.

Yesterday they were presented at the saddle grading by Helgstrand Dressage, ridden by Emma Ahlberg and presented in hand by Christian Springborg. The chestnut Sezuanna got a 9.5 for canter, 10 for trot, 10 for capacity, and the test rider also gave a 10 for rideability!  She became champion dressage mare of the day whilst her sister Ascenzione got 9 for canter and ridealibility and 9.5 for capacity and became runner-up champion. A total of five mares were selected for the Elite Show, and ranked 3rd came Sezuanna by Sezuan x Don Romantic from Helgstrand & Hofmeister also presented by Emma Ahlberg.

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