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World class show jumping in a homelike atmosphere


This week Riders Cup have welcomed more than 450 horses and 300 riders to their international show jumping event in what people call the most beautiful arena in Denmark. The riders performed well and there were many both national and international victories

07-08-2016 18:28:00, by Thomas Bach Jensen

A strong card for the Riders Cup-club
Four times Olympic rider Bruce Gerard Goodin, who on a daily basis works at Riders Cup, made sure to claim several of the victories during this week’s competitions. Bruce, who’s originally from New Zealand, secured the victory in the first Big Tour grand prix qualification by winning it on the horse Baloppi. During the competitions he made sure that the New Zealand flag rose to the top several times. Bruce won the one-star Big Tour Sunday and together with German Thomas Brandt and Dutch Piet Raijmakers Jr he won the thrilling six-bar Saturday evening. The three pairs jumped a height of more than 1.95 metres, ending at 2.00 metres.

Several FEI Longines ranking competitions
The event offered both one and three star competitions as well as Youngster Tour for the 5-, 6- and 7-year-olds. Amongst the three star competitions four of them were Longines Ranking competitions. The Ranking competitions were not just point giving; they were also the riders chance to go home with big prize money. The event has had a total of more than 150.000 euros in prize money and the highest (40.000 euros) went to the winner of the three-star grand prix; RIDERS NAME AND HORSES NAME.
Exciting Grand Prix
A total of 51 riders participated in the three-star grand prix and 14 of these went through to the jump-off. First rider through the jump-off with no faults was the Danish rider Martin Dinesen Neergaard and his horse Christoph Columbus – he took the lead and kept it all the way through until the very last rider in the jump-off. The Danish rider Søren Pedersen and his horse Tailormade Chaloubet ended up winning the grand prize of 40.000 euros and an Equipe saddle after a clear and fast round. The audience stood on their toes holding their breath as the Danish riders went through the jump-off, clapping and wooing, whenever someone made it through without any faults.
Room for everyone
The team behind Riders Cup manages as no others to deliver experiences for the entire family. There’s room for everyone – from the youngest to the eldest and the dogs too. They had arranged parties both Friday and Saturday evening with live music and DJs. 
Even though the weather was very unsteady, the team of enthusiastic helpers did their best to find solutions to any problems that arose with a smile on their faces. This event wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic team that Glen Nielsen, the owner of the facilities and event manager, has got. 
Bigger than ever before
This event was Riders Cups biggest so far – a total of 453 horses and more than 300 riders from 12 different nations participated. Some of the world’s greatest showjumpers from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the US, England, Italy, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand and of course Denmark participated. Several of the events competitions had more than 100 entries. Riders Cup made sure that the conditions were the absolutely best, bringing in German officials and English speakers to the beautiful facilities.
Swedish success 
Even though the competitions were held at Danish grounds, it was the Swedish riders who won the most. They won a total of seven competitions – here amongst two Youngster Tours and three three-star Small Tours.
Ready for another big event before Christmas
Glen Nielsen do not hide the fact that he had got big plans for Riders Cup. The main goal is to create value for both riders and spectators – room for everyone and an event that will make people come back year after year. 
This week’s competitions started Wednesday the 3rd of August and ended today, Sunday the 7th of August, but already in November Glen and his team are once again ready to host another international show jumping event – a CSI2* and CSIYH1* event. This will take place in their newly build amazing indoor arena.

Results from the entire week can be found HERE.

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Riders Cup ready for take-off 2015

Right now the most beautiful outside arena in Denmark is getting ready for the 2015 season. A series of national competitions will warm up the Danish riders for the international event CSI3*, that is so famous for its top riding- and horse-facilities along with the homelike atmosphere that makes both the riders and the audience return every year

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