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Terms of use offers access to a variety of services and is committed to ensure as reliable and well-functioning operation as possible.

All contents on, including systems, graphics, images, text, sound, video, etc. are property of reserves the right to change guidelines for the use of Any changes in user guidelines will appear on these pages. As user of, it is your own responsibility to keep abreast of any alterations. is not liable for loss of any kind connected to the use of services on – including loss of data as a consequence of service interruptions or similar. cannot be rendered liable for any loss as a consequence of:
- Service interruptions blocking yours or others’ use of, including access to information or update of contents. This applies no matter whether service interruptions or disconnections are due to conditions at, the Internet, the Internet provider or the phone company or other cooperation partners.

- Misuse, disclosure, damage or other compromising of data or programs on your own or others’ computers in connection with your own or others’ use of the Internet or Internet programs.

- Unwarranted access to your private information or data.

If operation of is terminated, the access to is terminated.

Misuse of system:
A user access is personal and cannot be handed over or loaned to others. This may lead to de-activation of the user profile.

In case you suspect misuse of your access code, you must change your access code immediately or contact offers a series of online services. does not accept that users of advertise on or trade via these services unless the particular service in question is designed for the specific purpose. Neither is it permitted to run scripts interrupting the operation of In addition, does not accept use of materials or actions that conflict with Danish legislation – including the Copyright Act.

The user’s contents uploaded to are solely the user’s responsibility. reserves the right to reject/de-activate (or - in the worst cases - report to the police) without notice any kind of offensive action or use that does not apply to the guidelines of The decision rests solely on reserves the right to remove offensive contents regardless of the service in question is paid for.

Good Internet ethics must be observed – which means among others that you can only be online at with one username and that you will not be allowed to harass other users of

User information:
In order to subscribe to, you must choose a username and password and state a valid email address together with a series of other information.

When logged on to, you can always access ”Change user info” in ”My menu”. Here, you can change or delete your information and see all information you have entered. It is your responsibility to observe that your personal data is correct and you are obligated to keep your personal data up to date.

When you accept the terms of use, you also give permission to to send you emails with information on updates, services, and occasional approval of user information, etc. These emails are solely of operational character. Other emails which you actively subscribe to, such as newsletters, may contain advertisements from third parties.

It is a criminal offense to use alternate identities and as a user, you are liable for any loss others may suffer as a consequence of false information on your part. It is therefore important that you state correct information to even though you choose that this information should not be visible to others.

When you subscribe as user to, the information you provide is registered and treated confidentially.

Without your consent, information from is only delivered on the basis of a court order. may, however, choose to hand over information directly to the police for investigation purposes or under reports of assumed criminal activity affecting or other registered users. does not pass on or sell your information to third parties. Any exception can only take place with your personal and prior consent.