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Buying and selling:
As mediator of trades, has no part in the agreements/trade made on solely offers the technical means (market place) in connection with the trades.

Thus, is neither selling or supplying the horses advertised and is therefore not under any judicial obligations applying to the sellers of these horses.

Ridehesten cannot be made responsible for sellers’ behavior or for the horses offered at – regardless of whether the seller is private or professional. is liable neither for the quality, reliability or legitimacy of the horses traded on nor for valid descriptions of the horses.

For agreements and trades entered with as mediator, the general rules of the Danish legislation apply (incl. the Consumer Act, the Sales Act and the Industrial Act)

Inserting an advertisement
When you insert an advertisement on, you are not liable to pay for the service until you approve posting of the advertisement.

The advertisement is designed by yourself and you are solely responsible for the contents (but reserves the right to edit your advertisement according to the rules for advertising). You are able to currently check and evaluate the design of the advertisement.

When you place advertisements on, they are automatically saved under “Sell horse” under “My menu” so that you have full display of the advertisements you have posted. When you have approved posting of your advertisement, you can thus check immediately whether your advertisement appears on the site.

When placing an advertisement, your name, address, telephone number, and email address are automatically displayed in your advertisement so that potential buyers may contact you.

When your advertisement is no longer relevant (e.g. when the advertised horse is sold) you are under obligation to remove the advertisement.

Payment over the Internet
Any type of online money transfer to takes place via an SSL-connection. This means that an encrypted connection between you and is established so that e.g. credit card information cannot be read or intercepted by others. An SSL-connection is recognized by the fact that there a locked padlock-icon in the status bar of your browser. has a cashing agreement with PBS. This entails fulfillment of particularly high demands to security on With the aim of obtaining maximum security regarding your credit card information, does not store your information.

Right to annulment of services
All services available on entail a passing on of information and knowledge through advertisements, etc. When the information has been transferred from you to, delivery has taken place. The service has thereby been rendered and taken into use by you and thus cannot be returned. This means that posting of advertisements on cannot be annulled.

Right to annulment of trades via functions as a mediator of information between seller and buyer. If you wish to annul/complain about the purchase of a horse bought through, you must direct this to the actual seller of the horse. The actual seller is thus the person who posted the advertisement with the horse on The seller can either be a private seller or a professional – and different rules apply depending on the type of purchase (private to private; private to professional; professional to private; professional to professional).

If the seller and buyer are both private persons, they may agree on their own defined terms of sales.

If the seller is professional, the purchase is directed by the Consumer Act and the buyer is therefore ensured various pre-defined rights (incl. 14 days right to return the horse), etc.

Rules of advertising
When you advertise on, we demand that you intentions are serious.

You only have the right to place advertisements for horses on which are owned by you or for which you have the owner’s permission to advertise.

Each horse must me advertised separately (more horses cannot be part of the same advertisement) but if you have more horses for sale, you are allowed to refer to these other advertisements in each posting.

An advertisement may not be altered to describe another sales horse. This means that a new advertisement must be posted for each horse.

Foals aged up to 6 months may be advertised together with the dam.