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Terms of copyright, sale and delivery

Use of the digital photos from the database is permitted for layout purposes.

Delivery in accordance with the enclosed terms of copyright and trade. Payment: See price list/order list regarding publication.

The photos may only be published against payment of fee in e.g. magazines, newspapers, books, advertisements, etc. Remember to credit the photographer’s full name in accordance with the Photography Law.

Purchased photos may only be applied for the agreed purpose and all fees are valid only for one time reproduction – otherwise the photos must be purchased with full copyright release. The photo material cannot be subject to lending; the rights of use cannot be handed over to a third party without specific consent by Wiegaarden. If such permission is granted, the fees and terms of the price list must be respected under all circumstances. In any agreed use of photo material, a specified list of the photos in question with indication of date and medium must be forwarded.

Original negatives, dia positives and other reproduction material always remain the property of the photographer and must be returned immediately after use. In case of loss or damage, an indemnity of minimum DKK 2,500 per photo must be paid. Prints which are damaged in any way are indemnified with a minimum of DKK 100 per copy.

The purchased rights to individual photos are only valid in Denmark unless otherwise agreed.

When delivered photos have been published, an example of the publication must be forwarded without charge to Wiegaarden, Jørgen Bak Rasmussen, 14 days after use at the latest.

Use of photos from the archive as well as re-use of photos must be settled with Wiegaarden 20 days after use at the latest. In such case that Wiegaarden has not received written confirmation about the use within 20 days the latest, an additional fee of 100% can be added per photo.

All photos are delivered in accordance with the Copyright Law §1 – the rights of photography belongs to Wiegaarden.

Photos may not be subject to any alteration through eg. editing, copying, electronic manipulation, etc. without specific consent from Wiegaarden in each individual case. (Edited/copied photos are charged according to the number of applied photos). Reproduction or any other kind of copying of original photos may only take place with explicit consent from Wiegaarden.

In all cases of publication, credits should be as follows: “Photo: (name of photographer)”. Eg. Photo: Wiegaarden/Jørgen B. Rasmussen. Neglecting to include the name of the photographer results in an extra charge of 100% added to the original price – a minimum of DKK 1,000.

Using the photo commercially, it is exclusively the user who ensures necessary permission from the depicted persons. When publishing photos, the user is exclusively liable for any financial demands from a third party.

14 days right of return on ordered photos.
All prices include VAT unless otherwise indicated.

Printing and typing errors are reserved as well as sold out items and deviations fra det skrevne samt de viste billeder

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.